Gunold's Lettering Software Training Videos

Training Videos for Gunold MicroFont Software Owners:

You saw the vision! Congratulations on your purchase. Here are the training videos we promised you!  MicroFont embroidery software is an amazing way to grow your embroidery business and set yourself apart from the competition.  This small font embroidery lettering software is unique to the industry and designed to beautifully sew out those small letters with stunning clarity.  Although it will be intuitive for you to learn, we went ahead and included the training videos below to provide any possible assistance that you may need.  Now logos and lettering on any embroidery item will be a snap, and your customers will love the results!  Remember that this software requires 60 weight thread, which Gunold sells as an everyday embroidery thread product.

Training Videos for Gunold MasterFont Software Owners:

Remember that your purchase includes 135, yes 135, pre-digitized, popular, and trendy fonts for use with 40 weight thread. Be sure to scroll through all fonts in your software that are ready to sew out  in order to see your full lineup of possibilities.  You purchased a great value because it's virtually impossible to find this many fonts for this price, and you even got the flexible font software included. 

If you don't yet own this great small lettering and standard lettering software with lots of fonts included, and you want to learn more and see our introductory pricing, click here

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