Customer Testimonials

Gunold loves hearing great feedback from our customers. We take pride in providing an over-the-top customer experience at every touch point so we want to make sure that's translating to each customer. Below is a collection of what some of our customers are saying about our products and communication.

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You have wonderful customer service and support staff! - anonymous

Great videos on your products! - anonymous

Thanks to Andrea White and all her help, you got a new customer. She done great with my order. - anonymous

Customer service very friendly. - anonymous

Andrea was amazing! She was so kind and helpful with my first order! I will definitely be back again! - anonymous

Always a pleasure shopping with Gunold and personnel. If I have questions they are always very, very helpful. - anonymous

Great Customer Service! - anonymous

Love your website. So easy to use. Prices are super good also. Have talked to customer service several times and they have always been very nice and very helpful. - Pat D.

Have always been pleased with ease of ordering and always having the products I'm in need of. Thank you! - anonymous

Great as always! - anonymous

Excellent customer support. - anonymous

Excited to try Action Backing! - anonymous

I love my new Durkee Embroidery, Inc. frames for my babylock Valiant, they make hoops effortless. Thank you to Durkee for creating these! Thank you to Gunold USA for the filmoplast that makes these hoops so simple when I have huge designs and I don't want fabric burn! - Nicci

I love Gunold thread and the customer service you provide. Thank you! - Rebecca M.

Gunold was highly recommended by a mentor in the embroidery business. Thank you for holding to a high standard in your products. - Jodi K.

I've used your products for 23+ years - thank you! - anonymous

I called before you were open and did not leave a message. But as soon as someone was at Gunold YOU called me back - that was GREAT, I did not expect it and was going to call later. THANK YOU FOR THE EXCEPTIONAL customer service. The person was also very helpful and gave great tips on the Action Backing. Thanks again! - anonymous

Great training! I highly recommend that if you need training, go to Bill Garvins'class. Worth every dollar! Small class so questions are easy to ask!! - Jennifer F.

I want to tell you that you are one of the best customer service reps I have ever dealt with in 25yrs of doing are always friendly and quick with hard to find that nowadays..and I really appreciate it and all that you do with our orders, etc...thanks again for your hard work - Jeff

Your website was very easy to work through and your customer service was amazing.... I love to talk to people who are friendly and nice to speak with. I'll always spend my money with people who treat you with respect. I met this company at ISS in Fort Worth and I bought enough stuff to last me awhile. I'm back!!!! - anonymous

Quick and friendly service. Awesome thread. They go out of their way to help you with answers, samples etc.. Oh did I mention GREAT prices :) - Arlette H.

Excellent products and service. - anonymous

Website is very good. I had no problem finding what I needed, able to follow up on information on your YouTube videos. Great site for information for a newbie like me to feel confident in trying new things. - anonymous

Love the videos showing how to use the product...that is why I bought each of the items I did. - anonymous

Great company, excellent product. - anonymous

Enjoy shopping with Gunold! - anonymous

I am new to the commercial embroidery world so I need all the help I can get! I called customer service about matching thread and Cindy was very pleasant and informative. Thank you. - Nance D.

Great site that is very user friendly. Will shop again soon! - Donna H.

Very easy site to use and your prices are great! Glad I found quality supplies for my business! - anonymous

Just had to write to you to let you know how "amazed" I was at the Gunold Action Back stabilizer. I had a rush job, did a test sew out and it was EFFORTLESS. No stressing, no holding my breath just smooth sailing -- or should I say stitching. You can be sure the Action Back stabilizer will be my "go to" product on any kind of poly/performance fabric from now on. Thank you, thank you. - Barbara D.

Kelly helped me so much, she is a treasure. - anonymous

Customer service always very helpful in answering questions before I order. - anonymous

Great products excellent service. - anonymous

I have always found Gunold to be quick and helpful. The quality of their product and service is above and beyond. - Naomi P.

Nancy Prather was a BIG help in assisting me to get registered to place my order. She also gave me a suggestion about another product that I ordered. Thanks Nancy for assisting me through this process. - Doris I.

I am a first time buyer, you were recommended to me by one of your customers. She was correct, you have everything I have been looking for. I look forward to more business with you. - anonymous

I had to call customer service with a question before ordering, Kelly was knowledgeable and directed me promptly to the correct version of the product I needed. Thanks again! - Marco

I called customer service before paying for my order to find out how to get my NNEP discount. Great customer service! - anonymous

Really like the clear descriptions of your products. - anonymous

Customer support for new customers is top notch! Thanks for the sample box, and shipped so quickly! - anonymous

I am still a new customer. When I called I received lots of help. And was not hurried along. Thank you! - anonymous

I met you at the NNEP show in February in OH. This is the first time ordering online, went GREAT! Love the action backing, I will be back. Thank you! - Tamara B.

I had to call customer service and had very good service. She was very helpful to me and she was very nice. - anonymous

Easy to find what I was looking for. - anonymous

Your website is well designed. I appreciate the detailed information about your products and how you include a "Shop Now" link on the info page. - anonymous