Customer Testimonials

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Gunold loves hearing great feedback from our customers. We take pride in providing an over-the-top customer experience at every touch point so we want to make sure that's translating to each customer. Below is a collection of what some of our customers are saying about our products and communication.

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Julie, as always, is amazing to work with. We worked through product unavailability, and quickly found alternatives. - Stitch America
Great customer service! - Anonymous
Denise was very friendly & knowledgeable helping me with an embroidery problem. Thank you to Denise for sharing her time and giving me good information and advise. - Anonymous
It seemed a bit difficult to place my first order online. So I called support, and Denise was wonderful. She helped me figure it out. Kudos to Denise! - Anonymous
Love the fact that I get my supplies usually on the next day after order is placed. Love the quality of product. - Victoria R.
Gunold is one of my very favorite suppliers. They always take the time to help me‚ even if it is just me having a senior moment. - Anonymous
I have been using Gunold now for a little over 20 yrs. I love their merchandise and don't use anyone else. Customer service is great also. - Anonymous
For newer people to the industry, the videos are amazing! - Anonymous
I love your website and the videos are very educational. I have also used your digitizing service and find it to be excellent. - Anonymous
I love all the videos to explain your products! Being new to the embroidery business, they help me make better informed choices. I am glad I found your website! - Patsy
I love the variety of videos explaining your products! - Patsy
Excellent customer service! Will definitely order from Gunold again. - Anonymous
I absolutely love you guys and the fast shipping. Thanks! - Anonymous
I have been using Madeira fire retardant thread on leather for Dallas Fire Rescue helmet patches and I dread those orders. The Madeira doesn't cut well on my Happy machine so I get constant thread breaks and thread catcher errors. It's also a bit fuzzy looking. Today I tried my new Gunold Poly-Fire and wanted to tell you how well it worked. Beautiful results and I was able to walk away and let the machine go beginning to end. - Tomie Sue S.
I love your thread and was disappointed in my usual source, Wawak, no longer carried the variety of thread I need. So glad I found your web site. - Anonymous
I love all the tremendous educational content you provide. Great job and outstanding products. Love the fast delivery! - Anonymous
The website is outstanding. The amount of content and helpful info is wonderful and sooooo helpful. Don't think you could improve on the site or your customer service. The only time I had to contact them, the issue was resolved immediately. - Elizabeth Y.
Thanks, I love your products and enjoy exploring the new products! - Anonymous
This was my first order. Thank you. Thank you to Cindy for all her help with product. - Anonymous
Found website very easy to use. Appreciated the video provided on the difference between both adhesive sprays. - Diane F.
I wanted to take a moment to thank you and Bill Garvin for the many videos that you have, and still do, help me understand and maintain my machine. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year. Thank you! - Victoria R.
Love the fact that I get my supplies usually on the next day after order is placed. Love the quality of product. - anonymous
Gunold is one of my very favorite suppliers. They always take the time to help me‚ even if it is just me having a senior moment. - anonymous
I have been using Gunold now for a little over 20 yrs. I love their merchandise and don't use anyone else. Customer service is great also. - anonymous
For newer people to the industry, the videos are amazing! - anonymous
I love your website and the videos are very educational. I have also used your digitizing service and find it to be excellent. - anonymous
Absolutely appreciate Mr. Garvin's videos and tutorials. Very beneficial for item selections. - anonymous
I have never used your web site before because as a rule I don't like web sites I prefer catalogs instead. But since I only had a very old Gunold catalog I had to use your web site and it was very good. I liked the videos and they did answer many of my questions. Thank you! - Martha B.
Andrea was wonderful support as we set up our account. We are just starting our embroidery business, look forward to shopping in the future. - anonymous
I did everything online and didn't need to talk to anyone yet. I just started monogramming in my shop and I saw the backing for the dri fit shirts (Action backing) and watched your video and saw how well it looked so I want to give it a try. Hope it comes out as well as yours did. Thank You! - Tikey L.
Great store and great product. - anonymous
Website easy to use and always quick delivery. Thank you for great customer service. Whether on line or at the warehouse the staff is always helpful and goes above and beyond. - Loretta C.
I did not have a need for customer support. I am a new customer and this is my first order. I found what I was looking for quite easily and quickly! I had a great experience on my first order. Thank you!! - anonymous
Always receive great service!! Cindy is awesome. - anonymous
I found help and products from your excellent training videos. Thank you!!! - anonymous
I found this website very easy to navigate and will be sure to return. Thank you so very much! - Olga P.
I was encouraged to use my local supplier after using your services for many years. So, I supported the local supplier; they had changed product, the customer service was great and they are 10 min from my home office. They have changed almost every way of doing business and their customer service, especially for their small businesses, is horrible. Now, they order the bare minimum and cater to their retail customers. They started me in business, and now I can't count on them, EVER! I'm back! - anonymous
Great products, great service. Thank you. - anonymous
Andrea helped me with my choice of threads, due to not attending ISS show in Atlantic City as I'm avoiding large crowds with the virus. She is amazing and even offered to call her anytime if I need help. Thank you so much! amazing customer service while I worked through the website picking the threads I wanted and sprays. It's been a totally positive experience and major help since I won't attend the ISS conference in Atlantic City due to the coronavirus. I received the discount that I would of got at the show and free shipping. This is a wonderful company and I appreciate it. - Mary B.
I called and talked to Cindy (west coast) with some questions. Very informative and helpful information. Gunold's customer service is fantastic. I love your videos, Bill's great! - Sandy H.
Cindy is a great help! - anonymous
Love your product, my machine came with 12 spools and I ran out (still new to the commercial side of things). Visited with you all at ISS Ft Worth, and took Bill's class (He is the best). - Sandy L.
I am extremely impressed with the videos that you offer. They have truly helped me in deciding what to purchases for my business needs. - anonymous
Very good product and very good service. The sales are super. It's what a small embroidery person needs. Thanks again. - Pat D.
Great Website, very easy to use. - Cindy K.
Cindy is full of helpful tips—sure appreciate her! Her customer service can’t be beat! - anonymous
First time buying from Gunold! I've tried their embroidery thread before and I am amazed by how much content they have online I am very happy to make our first order and I'm looking forward to continue to order from here! - anonymous

Thanks for having 7X7 cut-away backing! - anonymous

The videos are so very helpful - I learn a lot from Bill Garvin! - anonymous

I came by as a first time customer to the store, and was greeted by such friendly staff. I came for a spool of thread, and left with a wealth of information, samples, confidence in the support I will receive, and so much more. I have found my vendor of choice! - Kimberlee D.

Extremely easy to navigate and find products. Checkout was great. - anonymous

I could not find out how to create a profile. I emailed using the contact form and a very nice lady called to make sure I was taken care of. She helped and was very pleasant. - anonymous

I have a long history with ordering. Have always received my order, on time. If I needed customer service, they were always nice and friendly, and would go out of their way to help you. Great place to order your embroidery supplies from. - anonymous

I contacted you at the beginning of the week and requested a shade card. I received this on Wednesday along with some sample threads. I ordered some threads yesterday and they arrived today. What wonderful service. Thank you very much. I will be sharing the shade cards with the rest of my sewing group and will tell them about your wonderful service. Thank you - Jean W.

Today was my first time using your site it was great. I'm super excited to receive my order and be able to purchase a wide variety of supplies. I also liked the option of using my own shipping number with ups. - anonymous

Always enjoy using the online shopping. - anonymous

The website was very easy to use. I like the products and look forward to receiving my purchase. - anonymous

Love the videos and documents available on the products. - anonymous

I needed some help with registering as a wholesale customer so I called and spoke to Andrea. She was so helpful and nice! - Lorelei H.

Andrea was very pleasant and she helped me with everything I needed. I am so glad to have her for my future orders, any and all questions that I had she answered very professionally. She knew exactly what she was talking about. Thank you so much. - Diana H.

Gunold has always been spot on with my orders and the support offered or given when I needed it. Thank you. - anonymous

I love the videos explaining the different products that I otherwise would not have ordered. - anonymous

Your website is one of the best around, so is your customer service, thank you, it is a pleasure doing business with y'all! - Jacque H.

You have the most friendly workers. - anonymous

I called in because I forgot my account number and I have never ordered on line. Andrea walked me through it - she was very helpful and the site is very nice. - Jean S.

I love your tear away products! - anonymous

It a pleasurable shopping experience and I hope the cap frame makes cap hooping awesome. Looking forward to using the sticky backing. Love the product videos. - anonymous

When I called, Customer Service was very friendly and made it easy to set up an account. Unfortunately I didn't get the ladies name but she did a great job. In this day and age, I'll go with "customer friendly" every time - Carla C.

You have wonderful customer service and support staff! - anonymous

Great videos on your products! - anonymous

Thanks to Andrea White and all her help, you got a new customer. She done great with my order. - anonymous

Customer service very friendly. - anonymous

Andrea was amazing! She was so kind and helpful with my first order! I will definitely be back again! - anonymous

Always a pleasure shopping with Gunold and personnel. If I have questions they are always very, very helpful. - anonymous

Great Customer Service! - anonymous

Love your website. So easy to use. Prices are super good also. Have talked to customer service several times and they have always been very nice and very helpful. - Pat D.

Have always been pleased with ease of ordering and always having the products I'm in need of. Thank you! - anonymous

Great as always! - anonymous

Excellent customer support. - anonymous

Excited to try Action Backing! - anonymous

I love my new Durkee Embroidery, Inc. frames for my babylock Valiant, they make hoops effortless. Thank you to Durkee for creating these! Thank you to Gunold USA for the filmoplast that makes these hoops so simple when I have huge designs and I don't want fabric burn! - Nicci

I love Gunold thread and the customer service you provide. Thank you! - Rebecca M.

Gunold was highly recommended by a mentor in the embroidery business. Thank you for holding to a high standard in your products. - Jodi K.

I've used your products for 23+ years - thank you! - anonymous

I called before you were open and did not leave a message. But as soon as someone was at Gunold YOU called me back - that was GREAT, I did not expect it and was going to call later. THANK YOU FOR THE EXCEPTIONAL customer service. The person was also very helpful and gave great tips on the Action Backing. Thanks again! - anonymous

Great training! I highly recommend that if you need training, go to Bill Garvins'class. Worth every dollar! Small class so questions are easy to ask!! - Jennifer F.

I want to tell you that you are one of the best customer service reps I have ever dealt with in 25yrs of doing are always friendly and quick with hard to find that nowadays..and I really appreciate it and all that you do with our orders, etc...thanks again for your hard work - Jeff

Your website was very easy to work through and your customer service was amazing.... I love to talk to people who are friendly and nice to speak with. I'll always spend my money with people who treat you with respect. I met this company at ISS in Fort Worth and I bought enough stuff to last me awhile. I'm back!!!! - anonymous

Quick and friendly service. Awesome thread. They go out of their way to help you with answers, samples etc.. Oh did I mention GREAT prices :) - Arlette H.

Excellent products and service. - anonymous

Website is very good. I had no problem finding what I needed, able to follow up on information on your YouTube videos. Great site for information for a newbie like me to feel confident in trying new things. - anonymous

Love the videos showing how to use the product...that is why I bought each of the items I did. - anonymous

Great company, excellent product. - anonymous

Enjoy shopping with Gunold! - anonymous

I am new to the commercial embroidery world so I need all the help I can get! I called customer service about matching thread and Cindy was very pleasant and informative. Thank you. - Nance D.

Great site that is very user friendly. Will shop again soon! - Donna H.

Very easy site to use and your prices are great! Glad I found quality supplies for my business! - anonymous

Just had to write to you to let you know how "amazed" I was at the Gunold Action Back stabilizer. I had a rush job, did a test sew out and it was EFFORTLESS. No stressing, no holding my breath just smooth sailing -- or should I say stitching. You can be sure the Action Back stabilizer will be my "go to" product on any kind of poly/performance fabric from now on. Thank you, thank you. - Barbara D.

Kelly helped me so much, she is a treasure. - anonymous

Customer service always very helpful in answering questions before I order. - anonymous

Great products excellent service. - anonymous

I have always found Gunold to be quick and helpful. The quality of their product and service is above and beyond. - Naomi P.

Nancy Prather was a BIG help in assisting me to get registered to place my order. She also gave me a suggestion about another product that I ordered. Thanks Nancy for assisting me through this process. - Doris I.

I am a first time buyer, you were recommended to me by one of your customers. She was correct, you have everything I have been looking for. I look forward to more business with you. - anonymous

I had to call customer service with a question before ordering, Kelly was knowledgeable and directed me promptly to the correct version of the product I needed. Thanks again! - Marco

I called customer service before paying for my order to find out how to get my NNEP discount. Great customer service! - anonymous

Really like the clear descriptions of your products. - anonymous

Customer support for new customers is top notch! Thanks for the sample box, and shipped so quickly! - anonymous

I am still a new customer. When I called I received lots of help. And was not hurried along. Thank you! - anonymous

I met you at the NNEP show in February in OH. This is the first time ordering online, went GREAT! Love the action backing, I will be back. Thank you! - Tamara B.

I had to call customer service and had very good service. She was very helpful to me and she was very nice. - anonymous

Easy to find what I was looking for. - anonymous

Your website is well designed. I appreciate the detailed information about your products and how you include a "Shop Now" link on the info page. - anonymous

I love your videos. I always hand cut patches. never knew there was such an easy way to make them!! Super solvey looks great. I make many many patches. can't wait until mine gets here. your video....sold some products! thanks for all your great help. ~Paula B.

We visited the Gunold booth at the Embroidery Show in February and really liked the products we saw and the reps there were very friendly and informative. I have began order (sic) your products since then. ~anonymous

Great website, easy to use, comparing to many. Great Customer Service on the good ol' human interaction side of it, also! ~ anonymous

Love your prices and your products! ~ anonymous

Thanks for asking for feedback. ~ anonymous

Very grateful to be able to order online, at any time of the day. Thank you. ~ anonymous

The website order experience is very good...easy to use. All details are right at your fingertips.The shipping is always very good as well...perfect order fulfilment and timely delivery. ~ Mike

My number one place to go. ~ anonymous

Great Experience for first time. Like the different options for your solvy product. I will be back. ~ R. Brooks

I just love the customer service at Gunold -- The best in the business! ~ P. Fitch via Facebook

The embroidery business has a lot of pressure and stress in it. Thankfully, ordering supplies is not an issue with Gunold. with heartfelt communications from the staff, excellent products, low minimums for free shipping and a really wonderful Mrs. Nancy, you will never go back to another company. Stay here. Don't go anywhere else. ~L. Sukhu

I love how easy it is to use the site and how fast I receive my order! ~Customer Comment

I love the Gunold products. I have wholesale accounts with all the thread companies, but I still find that the bobbins from Gunold run well in my 3 machines, and are less expensive too! Thank you, Gunold! ~T. Silberman

So far, my feelings with Gunold had been excellent.Their products are as they describe them.I mostly make patches and using their poly twill and step materials, my finished products are second to none. ~K. Lewisson, via Facebook

Great online experience. Great customer support!

I love your products and customer support! You guys are great! ~Anonymous Customer Comment

I just love dealing with Nancy at Gunold USA. One phone call, explain what I'm looking for and she reaches into her magic hat and pulls out the right product for me. I wish every company was as easy to contact and deal with as Gunold. And let me say how fantastic CanVay is. I do a big patch business where I'm making custom sizes and shapes and Nancy told me about CanVay when I was talking to her about Twillie and I said I wish you had something that was 100& Poly... BAMMMMMMMM. Try CanVay! Now thats all I get for my custom patches. Nancy and Gunold has a customer for life!

Thank you! Nancy and all the other ladies I've dealt with in the Kennesaw location are so helpful every time. ~Yvonne J.

I love the videos by Bill! Very informative and helpful.

Nancy Prather is so wonderful anytime I have an issue. The customer service is excellent.

Have purchased Gunold products at trade shows. Employess are always very helpful. First time purchasing online. Will do this again.

This is our first time purchasing from this website. I called customer service before to ask a few questions. The person who helped me was very courteous and made me feel comfortable.

Customer service is superior to most and I never have to wonder what the status is. Today I'd barely hit the send command and Nancy was on the phone [answering my question]. While I've only placed two orders with Gunold, I've not had any negative experience at all. I just wish that other companies were as easy and pleasant to conduct business with. Nancy Prather is a great CSR.

Was so much easier to put the color number in and go directly to that choice, before I was scrolling through all the pages to get my color choice. Love it!!!

I love shopping on your site. Found things I have not been able to find on other sites..Thanks, Carol

Nancy was extremely helpful in getting me started with your company.

Your website has improved 200%. This time was so quick and easy. Thank you for updating the website!

Never a negative experience with you all. Thank you so much for all you do.

Thank you all for the great customer support. Always love shopping with you all.

I was having a problem and sent an email. Within 5 minutes I had a phone call assisting me and the order was then placed problem free. Great customer service!

Great service and products. One of my favorite places to shop!

Our customers love Gunold, so do we!