Filmoplast™ Adhesive Embroidery Backing

Filmoplast™ is a self-adhesive, non-woven embroidery backing that allows you to save time and money in your commercial embroidery operations. Application is simple, and Filmoplast™ is a perfect embroidery stabilizer for projects involving lightweight materials and delicate fabrics. Gunold's exclusive Filmoplast™ embroidery backing provides many benefits with its versatility and ease of use in both rolls and die cuts.

  • Go Hoop-less on Small Items: Your embroidery machine operators will love this for small items such as button parts, pockets ready cut, vignettes, cotton bonds, caps, etc. - they can go hoop-less!
  • Save Money - Reuse: After finishing the job, remove the Filmoplast™ from the embroidered garment, and save money by using the same sheet of Filmoplast™ again by closing the window with a scrap piece of Filmoplast™. This is another example of Gunold's green embroidery products.
  • Safe for Your Machine and Needles : The adhesive will not stick to the embroidery machine or embroidery needle, and it will not harm your embroidery machine electronics.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Filmoplast™ embroidery backing is an environmentally green product in several ways. The adhesive material is solvent free and environmentally friendly, and as previously stated, Filmoplast™ can be re-used by the green-minded embroiderer.