Embroidery Backing Basics And When To Use Them

tuesdays top 3 categories of backing cover the back backing

The Right Backing For The Right Job

Using the right backing for all your embroidery needs will save you time, give a better look to your design and in the end, save you money. Having satisfied customers will increase sales and spread the word that your shop is the place to go.

Top 3 Categories For Backing

1. Cut-Away Backing

cut-away backing

Cut-away backings are needed to provide a stable base for delicate and stretchy fabrics both during and after the stitching process. In addition, cut-away backing is needed for high stitch count and intricate designs.

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2. Tear-Away Backing

tear-away backing

Tear-away backings should be used on woven materials that have little stretch and don't need much stabilization (caps, denim, twill, etc.), and in situations where the reverse side of the embroidery can be seen (towels, sheets...etc.)

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3. Specialty Backing

specialty backing

Some backings are special in the embroidery business. These are the backings that will save time and money - a must have for all shops. Whether it is waterproofing embroidery, adhesives to hold garments while embroidering, permanently adhering patches, fire retardant garments, wash away after embroidery, heat away after embroidery or babies’ sensitive skin get the backing you need.

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Helpful Backing Videos

helpful backing videos
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