Embroidery Thread Color Conversion Charts Plus Pantone Matching Charts

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Converting to Gunold threads is easy! Just download and PRINT the pdf files below, and read across the charts for Gunold’s color match. Also, we have included two additional charts to match Gunold’s threads to the Pantone color numbering system (PMS - Pantone Matching System). If you are looking to find and request Gunold’s embroidery thread color charts or a Gunold catalog, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE:  Yes, these charts are absolutely excellent tools to match Gunold colors with our competitors’ threads, but to positively assure yourself you are pleased with the matches listed, we suggest this one additional step: Call us at 1-800-432-3781, and we will rush you your free, beautiful color card of actual Gunold thread strands for you to examine before you place your order. We will be delighted to assist you in upgrading to the Cadillac of threads!