Top Tips For Commercial Embroidery Machine Maintenance

pro tips 5 machine maintenance embroidery machine

Routine maintenance on your embroidery machine is a necessity to keep your machine running and your production on time to meet customer’s needs. The most basic maintenance is routinely oiling the “working parts".

top 5 parts to oil

How often depends on how much the machine is used! Set a schedule by following the tips from Bill Garvin in the video below and avoid a major machine overhaul!

  • Rotary Hook
  • Needle Bars
  • The Sewing Arm
  • The Sewing Bed
  • Gear Drive if applicable

helpful videos

Here are some helpful machine maintenance videos where you will learn about the oiling locations on your machine.

helpful machine maintenance videos

Top 5 Machine Maintenance Products

gunold oil pen

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zoom spout oil

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drop at a time lubricant

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machine oil refill

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big shot air spray

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