When To Use More Than One Layer Of Backing

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When To Use More Than One Layer Of A Backing, Or Is That Necessary?

The embroidered items you sell to your customers reflect your business. Always do what is necessary to make a great first impression AND long-lasting impression with quality products that last and look fabulous over time. Plus, it is of minimal cost to do!

top 5 reasons to consider more than one layer of backing

1. Wearability And Washability

Some shirts are worn and laundered more than once a week, so to avoid additional puckering, cupping, and waving of the embroidered design, two layers are optimal.

2. Minimal Cost

Using two layers is a low cost solution to turn out an excellent looking product over time. Don’t just worry about what it looks like the first time it is finished. You want your customers to be happy six months or more down the road because the embroidery held up.

3. High Ticket Items

Normally, you charge more for these items, which are typically more profitable. You will exceed your customer’s expectations with a well turned out product, making them come back for more!

4. Performance Wear Materials

These products have several patterns and weaves within the fabric with extreme stretchability. You need to stabilize for all possibilities of movement in every direction.

5. Number Of Stitches

Consider your stitch count for a left chest design on stretchy/thin material. Think about using two layers if you have a stitch count over 8K - 12K stitches.

Additional Suggestions

1. When using two sheets of a performance backing (ActionBack™ and Pro Sports™), turn one at a 45 degree angle to maintain stability in a 360 degree radius.

layers of backing

2. Use a backing sandwich for extra thin material that doesn't have stretch (fishing shirts). Layer in the following order:

  1. One piece of ActionBack™or Pro Sports™
  2. One piece of Totally Stable™ 2085
  3. One piece of ActionBack™ at a 45 degree angle
backing sandwich

3. Test it yourself by laundering (washing and drying) multiple times, so you know how it holds up and what your customer will see six months from now.

4. There is no right or wrong way. It is a personal choice.

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