Free Embroidery Designs

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Looking for great embroidery downloads? Gunold will periodically post free embroidery design downloads here. Our embroidery designs are in .dst format, which is commonly used in embroidery software.

Med Design
Click This Link do download the free embroidery design file (.dst).
Click This Link to download the picture with color sequence.

Click This Link
to download the free Puffy Foam snail design.


  1. Antennae
  2. Snail Body
  3. Snail Shell (Puffy Foam)
We recommend you copy this file directly to your machine media. Opening the file in software could cause automatic settings to divide the long stitches in the Puffy Foam portion into shorter stitches.

Need 3D embroidery software for lettering? Our PuffyFonts 3D lettering software was designed to make embroidering 3D lettering easy and versatile.

Click This Link to download the free Compass design for Mety (Metallic) thread.


       1.  Center (Circle)
       2.  Inside Arrow Between North South East West
       3.  Inside Arrow to North South East West
       4.  Outer Circle, Directions, Outline