The Most Overlooked Stitch Saver - Stitch Length

I find that using the stitch length setting is frequently a better solution. Just think about it – making each stitch in a fill area a bit longer results in fewer stitches and a fill stitch area that looks more lofty and lush.
When adjusting fill stitches to be longer, consider whether there will be lettering or details applied on top of the fill-stitched area. Test to be sure that the stitches aren’t too long for the details to appear crisp, and that they don’t pull the fill apart.
As an example, a typical stitch length value is 3 points, sometimes displayed as 0.3 or .30. Increase to 4 points (0.4 or .40) or more, depending on your design details, for a soft, beautiful fill with great coverage.

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