Adhesive for Permanent Bonding

Speeds up Appliqué Work Significantly.

Cutting out, ironing-on – that’s all there is to it. By using THERMOFIX, it is easy and fast to affix embroidery designs onto jackets, shirts and fabrics. Permanently - even after frequent washings. THERMOFIX is just like a nonwoven that consists of adhesive fibres. It is ironed onto the finished embroidery design after the embroidery process.

Then the emblem is placed onto the desired spot of your fabric and has to be permanently fixed either with a household iron or a heat press. But there is even more to THERMOFIX than making fast and easy appliqués: It is the perfect solution for very small and tricky areas where fixation by machine is simply impossible. Also great for fusing edges and for seaming!

Main Applications:

Adhesive fibres for permanent bonding of appliqués, patches and emblems.
For permanently fusing edges and for seaming.

Processing Recommendations:

Coating of the embroidery design:
Place the embroidery design face down on THERMOFIX and roughly cut out the shape of the design.

Ironing with a heat press:
140°C, for about 10-15 sec, medium pressure ironing with a household iron: High heat setting,for about 10-15 sec, press firmly.
Cut off any excess THERMOFIX all around design if necessary.

Appliqués on garments:
Place coated embroidery design onto desired spot of garment and iron-on permanently, ironing-on with a heat press: 140°C, for about 10-15 sec with medium pressure. Ironing-on with a household iron: High heat setting, for about 10-15 sec, press firmly.

TIP: For ultimate adhesion, ironing of a garment on both sides, back and front, is recommended.

Your own test-runs are necessary for best bonding results to determine pressure, temperature and time.
Full adhesiveness will be achieved after 48 hours!

Important: Place silicone paper on top of remaining uncovered Thermofix. Otherwise it will stick to the heat press or iron. Ask for our silicon paper. We can offer you the following make-up.
Silicon paper, 41g/m2, 50m, 39cm wide

Technical Information:

100 % Copolyamid
Weight: 35g/m2
If ironed on with heat press – washable up to 90°C
If ironed on with household iron – washable up to 60°C
Rolls in 2 different sizes
80 cm x 100 m
40 cm x 25 m
Dispatch and packing size:
1 roll