What Are The Main Machine Embroidery Bobbin Types?

tuesdays top 3 types of bobbins bobbins

It's All About That Bobbin

Let’s face it, every time you do machine embroidery, a bobbin is needed in your machine. Picking a bobbin for your machine doesn’t have to be painful. There are three main types of bobbins.

top 3 types of bobbins paper sided bobbins

1. Paper Sided Bobbins

Most common bobbin used in embroidery machines, economical and consistent.

magnetic bobbins

2. Magnetic Bobbins

Creates consistent thread delivery during the embroidery process, with consistent tension throughout the entire bobbin.

sideless bobbins

3. Sideless Bobbins

Most economical bobbin (with or without core) runs great and saves money.

top 3 types of bobbin threads

1. 100% Continuous Filament Polyester Bobbin Thread

Durable, consistent, smooth running, no lint and most commonly chosen by professionals.

2. 100% Spun Polyester Bobbin Thread

Very strong, offers excellent tension control and a great choice by professional embroiderers.

3. 100% Cotton Bobbin Thread

A choice by professionals, that is intended for delicate script, dainty embroidery and on fabrics and garments that will be dyed.

Helpful Bobbin Videos

helpful videos
helpful bobbin videos

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