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Did You Know Most Tension Problems Are Due To Issues With The Bobbin Case?

How often should you change your bobbin case? Would you be surprised if we told you never? If you keep it cleaned, oiled, and maintained it will last the lifetime of your machine. We know your first inclination is to start turning the tension knobs on your machine - DON’T - go check the bobbin case!

top 4 bobbin case issues

1. Bobbin Case Isn't Round

Check your bobbin case to make sure it is completely round. Even though the bobbin case is a non moving item, it is imperative to your machine working correctly.

  • Tip - Most Common reason it gets out of round is by dropping your bobbin case.
  • Tip - Keep a couple spare bobbin cases in your shop. It will save you time and money in the long run.

2. Bobbin Case Is Dirty

Check the inside and outside of the bobbin case. Make sure there isn't any lint, threads, dirt and/or rust anywhere on the case. Rust = New Case.

3. Bobbin Case Spring Is Bent

If the spring is bent, the bobbin tension will not be correct. Bent Spring = New Case.

4. Bobbin Case Is Discolored - No Longer Polished/Shiny Silver

If the case becomes dull, dark gunmetal gray, most likely it has been exposed to the heat of the rotary hook. This is the effect of not oiling the hook. The heat expands the case, the cool contracts the case causing damage.

  • Tip - Heat is not a friend to polyester thread. Not to either the upper or lower threads.
  • Tip - Oil the Rotary Hook - The bobbin case snaps into the rotary hook. The rotary hook should be oiled every 4 hours of machine run time.

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