Poly Fire™ (Fire-Retardant Embroidery Thread)

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Our specialty fire-retardant embroidery thread is your answer for work wear, or any garments near flames that require flame retardant construction. Poly FIRE flame-retardant embroidery thread is similar in function to Nomex fire thread. We offer the same excellent high-speed machine performance found in all of Gunold's thread. Poly Fire is a 100% polyester thread that has a special coating to make it fire-retardant. Poly Fire is certified to the criteria of EN ISO – Oeko –Tex.

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Be Fully Protected with Flame-Retardant Embroidery Thread

When it comes to being fire-retardant the garment is only fully protected if the embroidered logos, designs and letterings are made from are also fire retardant. Our flame-retardant thread is among the best available in the embroidery industry. Our flame-retardant thread contains a special coating that is perfect for laboratory coats, fire fighters uniforms, race car drivers wear, electricians, construction workers, and numerous other textiles exposed to open fire.

Fire Resistant Embroidery Thread

  • Embroidery Needle: We recommend universal embroidery needle ORGAN No. 75/11 SES (ball point needle)
  • Embroidery Bobbin Thread: POLY FIRE could also be used as bobbin thread