Embroidery Video Library

Gunold offers comprehensive embroidery education resources including instructions as well as embroidery tips and tricks. Our embroidery videos cover everything you need to know about operating an embroidery machine and creating great products for your customers. Make Gunold your primary resource for both embroidery education and quality embroidery supplies. We hope to help you run a fun and highly successful embroidery business!

Video Archive
Below you will find a categorized archive of our videos
Embroidery Threads
Nothing is more important to embroiderers, especially commercial embroiderers, than the thread they use on every embroidery job. You want beautiful thread is consistent yard after yard, and cone after cone. Whether you're looking for advice on the right type of thread for a specific effect, or trying to find the best thread for preventing breakage, you can find the thread you need and tips to use it properly here. Gunold is proud to offer a huge selection of embroidery threads in a variety of weights and colors, and the informational tips you need to use them more effectively.
Embroidery Backing
Backing can make or break your embroidery sewout. Knowing how to properly manage backing and stabilizers is key to producing quality embroidery time and time again. When the durability and lifespan of your embroidery is on the line, it's important to know how to manage backing correctly, and that's where our training videos can help you.
Embroidery Bobbins
Quality bobbins mean quality embroidery and the only way to ensure that bobbins are working optimally is with necessary training. Our embroidery bobbin videos provide you with instructions on how to work with and maintain bobbins so you can make the most of every sewout. At Gunold we know that keeping your work flowing smoothly maximizes your production, improves sales and makes every day work better. Our videos are here to help you maximize your embroidery potential.
Solvy (trademarks owned by Gunold)
One of Gunold's most trusted and widely recognized products is our patented Solvy water soluble topping. Gunold can afford to be proud on this one, as Solvy started with Gunold. Indeed, we own the worldwide Solvy trademark on this "one-and-only original Solvy" that is the industry leader in water soluble toppings and backings. Accept imitations at your own peril, as the vast majority of other water soluble film products curl quickly upon a light touch, or have any number of quality issues that often compromise the very usability of the product. In contrast, Gunold's Solvy is consistent and virtually flawless. So, if you want a crisp and sharp look to your embroidery that would otherwise tend to sink into your fabric, this unique quality water soluble is your answer. The embroidery video demonstrations and hints below are designed to make you successful quickly with the finest water soluble film in the world Gunold Solvy.
Embroidery Scissors
Having the right scissor application for your embroidery can make or break your final product. One of the most common mistakes we've seen throughout the years is the lack of training and knowledge many embroiderers have about the scissors they use, and the impact those scissors are having on their final embroidery. Gunold provides you with the information to form a clear understanding of what scissor applications work in specific situations. Don't sacrifice quality when you can solve the problem with a simple equipment change.
Puffy Foam
Puffy foam creates unique three-dimensional embroidery that other materials simply can't produce. And it is highly profitable, too! The unique height this product adds to your sewouts is such eye-candy that people are willing to pay more for this three dimensional look! Jump ahead of your competition and learn how to embroider confidently with Gunold's Puffy Foam. Our puff instructional videos are designed with the commercial embroiderer in mind, giving simple instructions and hints that will have you sewing with Puffy in no time! Take the plunge and master how to use our high quality puff foam!
Embroidery Hoops
Proper hooping is an art you can and must learn. It is vital that you hoop proficiently in order to produce quality embroidery. In these videos you'll appreciate the benefit of not only great hooping skills, but you'll see how to do it correctly including what pitfalls to avoid. We proudly recommend Durkee lifetime warranty hoops for unmatched results. Embroidery doesn't need to be more difficult than it already is, and at Gunold we hope to make everything more simple for you and your business.
Specialty Products
Gunold offers a number of unique products for commercial embroidery. We know that some embroidery supplies may require increased knowledge and training to use them effectively. This is why we provide you with ongoing, fresh embroidery training videos. Don't get frustrated with those tough projects. Let us help you make beautiful embroidery a reality.
Useful Embroidery Techniques