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durkee freedom rings

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  • Employs the power of a strong extension spring to provide and maintain even fabric tension while embroidering.
  • Constructed from high impact plastics, which makes this hoop virtually indestructable and reduces vibration through the hoop.
  • The molded brass inserts will reduce the chance of screws to loosen by providing greater holding power.
  • The texturing of the surface provides better holding of garments during embroidery for better registration.
  • Offers additional height that assist in the holding of thicker, hard-to-hold garments.
  • For optimum design registration, it is important to use a hoop that is closest to the size of the design.
  • NOTE: Before you order - determine the manufacturer and model of your machine. Then determine the overall hoop width needed to match your machine.

durkee sturdiframes

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  • When your project can be stitched "flat" (and you don’t like to hoop) SturdiFrames will be your new embroidery "go-to" frame.
  • These frames are constructed from 3/16" anodized aluminum - lightweight, yet heavy duty construction with stainless steel attachment brackets.
  • Towels, blankets, shower curtains, backs of jackets, and numerous other items stitch great with SturdiFrames.
  • These frames are designed to be used in conjunction with Filmoplast™ (Gunold's self adhesive, non-woven backing). Filmoplast™ has a sticky back to adhere to your frames and hold your embroidery items in place.

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Here are some helpful videos on Durkee Freedom Frames and SturdiFrames.

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