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4 Steps To Do Before Starting Production

The following steps must be taken every time you run production on your machine. Whether it is 1 item or 500 - good habits save time and money in the long run.

top 4 production tips

1. Get The Design In The Machine

Doesn’t matter how you do it, use the method that works with your machine.

  • USB Cable
  • Thumb Drive
  • Old Floppy Disk
  • Ethernet
  • WiFi - Wireless
  • Direct Connect

2. Make Sure The Angle Of The Design Is Correct

(right side up, upside down, etc.)

  • Caps sew upside down, change the angle 180 degrees

3. Program The Thread Colors

The machine doesn’t read colors because all machines are color blind. You have to program the sequence of thread colors per the design color sequence.

4. Trace The Design

This is the most important step and ALL machines have this feature. The design must fit inside the hoop with room for the pressure foot to function without hitting the hoop.

  • Do not rely on just programming the hoop size in your machine.
  • Do not rely on just the laser (option on newer machines.)  The laser does not compensate for the pressure foot.
  • Trace, Trace, Trace - the damage done to your machine by hitting a hoop is worth the extra time to trace more than once.

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