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How To Hoop A Cap

Explore tips for traditional (tubular) hooping of a cap and also (flat) hooping a cap with the Durkee Cap Frame.

top 2 cap hooping techniques

1. Traditional cap hooping (the bane of our existence!) is accomplished with the accessories that come with your commercial embroidery machine. Cap Frame, Gage (Hooping Device), and Cap Driver (attached to machine).

  1. Pick the right backing for the cap. Things to think about - (Is the cap structured or not? Is it a front and centered design - or - does it go around the sides?) The answer to these questions will help you determine the size and weight of the backing.
  2. Roll your backing! Use a straight edge to roll your backing to help it fit the form (curve) of the cap and hoop.
  3. Flatten the bill of the cap to help it fit in the hoop then slide the cap in the frame.
  4. Bring the strap around the hat keeping the teeth gripped to the seam of the bill. Latch the strap, adjust, then lock it in place.
  5. Attach clips on the bottom of the hoop. (Back of hat).
  6. Test the hooping process:  Grab the bill of the cap and the frame, try to pull it apart and wiggle the cap on the frame. Nothing should move. If it does, adjust the frame so the strap is tighter and holds the cap in place.

2. Flat cap hooping (you heard me right!) with the Durkee Cap Frame. These frames are available for most commercial embroidery machines. The frame fits directly into the arms of your machine just like any other hoop - no intimidating device to assemble!

  1. Apply Filmoplast™ to the back of the cap frame.
  2. Loosen both wing screws on the front of the frame.
  3. Insert flattened bill of cap under the bracket and tighten the wing screws.
  4. Lay flat the cap by pressing it into the Filmoplast™ backing.
  5. Tip: Keep the cap secure during the stitching process by using clips or tape.
  6. For a quick reference download our “How To Hoop A Cap With Durkee Cap Frames” pdf to keep it handy when the hooping begins!

helpful videos

Watch these helpful videos to learn tips for cap backing and how to hoop a cap for machine embroidery.

helpful videos

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