pro tips top 5 tips for cleaning up your puffy foam project hat with puffy foam

How To Clean Up 3D Puffy Foam

Increase your profits and perceived value by simply adding Puffy Foam™.

top 5 tips for cleaning up your puffy foam project

1. When starting the sewing process, always match the Puffy Foam™ as close as possible to the color of the embroidery thread. This helps hide the Puffy Foam™ by blending the colors of thread and foam.

2. Remove the backing from the inside of the garment (hat, shirt, jacket, etc.).

3. Remove the Puffy Foam™ from the front of the garment by gently pulling the foam that has been perforated by the needle during the sewing process. Tweezers work great to remove those smaller pieces of foam (inside and around letters, etc.).

4. Tucking in the Puffy Foam™ - use tweezers to tuck in the smaller pieces of foam that stick out of the embroidery thread.
Tip: Never try to pull the small pieces of foam, tuck them inside.
Tip: Close the tweezers so you have a solid point to use during the tucking process.

5. Heat Gun - used to melt the fine pieces of foam that stick out of the design. Also known as the “Fuzzies”.
Tip: Use caution when using industrial heat guns to avoid burns, fire, and melted products and or garments.
Tip: Use a high setting, hold about 10-12 inches from the garment.
Tip: Keep your hand on the inside of the garment to assure the heat is not too hot!

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