What Are The Differences Between Cut-Away And Tear-Away Backing?

top 3 differences between cut-away and tear-away backing backing with scissors

The Difference Between Cut-Away and Tear-Away
Embroidery Backing

Embroidery backings are available in cut-away, tear-away, wash-away and heat-away. But what are the differences between cut-away and tear-away other than the obvious?

top 3 differences between cut-away and tear-away


a. Cut-Away - Provides more stability during the embroidery process along with washability and wearability of items post embroidery.  Always use cut-away backing for unstable embroidered materials such as knits, delicates and any item that has stretch.

b. Tear-Away - Used for stability during the embroidery process for very stable embroidered materials (caps, denim, twill).


a. Cut-Away - Can withstand a large number of stitches in designs.

b. Tear-Away - Can withstand most designs, however, large or very dense designs embroider best with higher weight (oz.) tear-aways.


a. Cut-Away - A portion of the backing will always remain with the finished embroidered item.  (Keep this in mind when the back of your embroidery will be seen.)

b. Tear-Away - Most of the backing will be removed, however, there may be small pieces that will remain until after the washing and/or wearing process of embroidered item.





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