How to Troubleshoot Tenison Issues With Your Commercial Embroidery Machine

tuesdays top 4 trouble shooting embroidery machine tension knobs

Pay Attention To The Tension!

Troubleshooting issues with your machine will save you money and time with a technician. The most common problem is with tension, either upper threads or bobbin. Incorrect tension can not only cause your embroidery to not look right, it can also cause issues with your machine.

Top 4 Signs of Tension Issues

  • Seeing bobbin thread in your design
  • No Bobbin thread showing under the design
  • Bird's Nests - this can cause damage to your rotary hook
  • Needle breakage can create burs on your rotary hook and possibly ruin your garment

Top 4 Troubleshooting Techniques

  • Upper tension knobs are set wrong for thread type
  • Bobbin case tension setting needs to be adjusted
  • Bobbin case needs to be cleaned - 85% of tension problems are due to issues with the bobbin and/or case
  • Bobbin case needs to be replaced - could be out of round, rusted, etc.

Helpful Tension Setting Videos

helpful machine trouble shooting videos

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Top 4 Machine Troubleshooting Products

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