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Basics Of Embroidery Thread Weights And Their Uses

Gunold carries 4 basic thread weights in a variety of fibers.  Select the right thread for the design and the look you are going for in your finished product.

top 4 thread weights

1. 12 Weight

Gunold's thickest thread (Filaine)

2. 30 Weight

Gunold's second thickest thread (Cotton, Metallic)

3. 40 Weight

Gunold's standard (most common) threads (Polyester, Rayon, Metallic)

4. 60 Weight

Gunold's thin thread (Polyester)

gunold thread weights and their uses

1. Poly 40 - Polyester Thread

The Go To Thread, Durable, Colorfast to Chlorine, Long Lasting

Poly 40 Thread >>

2. Poly 60 - Polyester Thread

Small Lettering, Detail In Designs, Durable, Colorfast to Chlorine, Long Lasting

Poly 60 Thread >>

3. Sulky 40 - Rayon Thread

Brilliant Luster, High Tensile Strength, Natural Fibers

Sulky 40 Thread >>

4. Cotty 30 - Cotton Thread

Matte Finish, Natural Fibers, Strong

Cotty 30 Thread >>

5. Filaine 12 - Acrylic Thread

(3 times thicker than 40 weight threads) - Vintage Look, Wool Like Features, Great Coverage

Filaine 12 Thread >>

6. Mety 30 And 40 - Metallic Thread

Glamorous Sparkle, Multiple Colors, Two Thicknesses

Mety 30 And 40 Thread >>

Pro Tip: Lower quality embroidery threads result in frequent thread breaks and lint accumulation. When this occurs this can lead to increased production costs - slowing down your production line, wasting thread, and higher machine maintenance expenses.

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