When To Use Solvy™ (Wash Away Backing) For Commercial Machine Embroidery

tuesdays top 5 reasons to us solvy patch and solvy

Problem Solvy'd!
Use Wash-Away Solvy™ To Solve Embroidery Problems
(Topping and/or Backing)

Using Solvy™ on top of your embroidery and/or as a backing will help you get the results you’re looking for without compromise - crisp lettering, stitches above fabric pile, and no show backing. Creating a perfect finished product that your customers would have never thought possible.

Top 5 Reasons To Use Solvy™

1. High Pile Fabrics


Solvy™ is used on top of the fabric allowing more detail to be seen on any intricate design by helping to hold the pile/fabric down during the stitching process.

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2. Loose Knit Fabrics

loose knit fabric

Use Solvy™ to help hold the stitches above the fabric during the embroidery sewout process by preventing the stitches from getting lost in (sinking into) the fabric.

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3. No Show Backing (Wash-Away)

embroidered hanky

Hoop Solvy™ under the garment for no show, wash-away backing on high pile fabrics.

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4. Creating Patches

hooped patch with ultra solvy

Firmly hoop Ultra Solvy™ film without additional stabilizer. Embroider directly onto the film and then punch out the finished embroidery from the Ultra Solvy™. Now you have embroidered patches/emblems with neatly finished edges.

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5. Free Standing Lace

free standing lace

Fabri-Solvy™ is an ideal non-woven fabric backing for free standing lace that can withstand high stitch count designs. It is a fabric-like, water soluble backing that has a silky, soft feel and an opaque color

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Helpful Solvy Videos

helpful solvy videos
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