How To Use Appliqué Designs In Your Commercial Embroidery Business

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Why Appliqué?

Because appliqué designs look more realistic, saves time, is fun and adds dimension. There are different types of appliqué - fused, raw edge, reverse, smooth and decorative stitch. There are four basic steps of traditional appliqué - create an outline, cut it out, iron it and secure it! And you are done!

fused applique dolphin


raw edge applique umbrella

Raw Edge

decorative stitch applique flower

Decorative Stitch

reverse applique

Reverse appliqué

smooth applique


Top 10 Places or Reasons To Use Appliqué?

1. Appliqué can saves stitches which in turn saves time

2. You can incorporate different patterns with your design by the fabric choices that you select

3. Change up the look with different decorative stitches

embroidered light bulbs

4. Using appliqué adds texture and interest to your design

embroidered coffee beans

5. Can be done in multiple layers for different effects

embroidered umbrella

6. Great for garments, try appliqué on a hat, shirt, sweatshirts or a tote bag

embroidered denim jacket

7. Perfect for home decor items such as pillows, table runners, and blankets

embroidered pillow

8. Appliqué with ribbon instead of fabric for a vintage look

embroidered ribbon

9. Don’t be shy select from a variety of fabrics - cotton, felt, corduroy, or twill to mix it up

10. Switch up you threads for a different look by using polyester (Gunold Poly), rayon (Gunold Sulky), cotton (Gunold Cotty), or acrylic (Gunold Filaine)

Appliqué Essentials

Here are some appliqué products to help you on your way.

AppliquéPRO™ Software


Heat N' Seal™

Helpful Appliqué Videos

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