Why Is 3D Puffy Foam™ Profitable?

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Take The Plunge With Puffy Foam™

Don’t be afraid to add Puffy Foam™ designs to your embroidery business as it is easy while being very profitable at the same time.

Top 4 Reasons To Start Using Puffy Foam™


Profitable - Charge at least 25% more for designs sewn with Puffy Foam™ due to uniqueness.


No additional cost with digitizing.


Cost very minimal to have Puffy Foam™ in your shop.


Easy to change the look on a Puffy Foam™ design by simply changing the foam thickness and/or density.

Top 5 Tips When Using Puffy Foam™


Designs need to be digitized specifically for use with Puffy Foam™. Digitizers will use specific techniques to keep foam from collapsing while encasing foam completely in stitches. (Share the thickness of Puffy Foam™ with your digitizer.)


Use commercial grade Puffy Foam™ to ensure durability and compatibility. Non-toxic. Available at Gunold.


Best practice is to match foam color with thread color when possible.


Puffy Foam™ thickness varies (2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 6mm). For thicker foam, the design density and stitch length may need to be increased to create full coverage.


Puffy Foam™ density varies to create a different look to the finished product. Classic foam has a slight rounded look whereas the Dense foam creates a sharper, taller look. Gunold USA carries our Classic Line and Dense Line. The Dense Line is 44% more dense than the Classic Line.

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If you have any additional questions on Puffy Foam™ contact us, we are happy to help! 1-800-432-3781

Helpful Puffy Foam™ Videos

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