How To Stay In Tune With The Embroidery Industry

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Take A Break And Catch Up With Us!

Sometimes stepping back from the everyday shop work and learning something new can save time and money in the long run. Learn tips and tricks from industry experts that grow your business, save time, gain efficiency, and most importantly increase profits!

Top 5 Places To Stay In Tune And In Touch With The Embroidery Industry

1. Gunold Educational Video Library

Gunold has a plethora of videos on our website that you can access at any time. We specialize in "How To..." videos that teach you tips and tricks about the embroidery process to working on your machine. We have a video for almost every product we sell, too!

Access Gunold's Educational Video Library Now >

2. Facebook and Facebook Lives

We post tips, sales, and new products to keep you in the loop! Our FB Live events were a hit in 2020 and we plan to get back to it in 2021 - Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook so you know when the next one is coming.

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3. Tuesday's Top Tips

Of course! Every month this newsletter is loaded with information on topics from machine maintenance, thread and backing selection, digitizing, and more. Plus, FREE EMBROIDERY DESIGNS! Be sure to set some time aside when it arrives in your inbox, open it, sit back, and relax.

4. Embroidery Nerds Facebook Group

We like to partner with other folks in the industry and thought you would be interested, too! Matt and Jeff offer great content on patch making and digitizing. They have a great following of people that like to share tips and tricks, maybe you have some to share, too. Check them out! When you join The Embroidery Nerds group, members get a discount at Ask the admin for details.

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5. Trade Associations

Many industry professionals join associations to continue their education, gain business know-how, and network with others. Gunold has enjoyed a long relationship with two of the more popular associations and magazines: ISS (Impressions Expo and Impressions Magazine) and NNEP (National Network of Embroidery Professionals). We can't wait until we get back to the trade shows, see our customers and meet new friends.

ISS (Impressions Expo) >
Impressions Magazine >
NNEP (National Network of Embroidery Professionals) >

Stay Tuned, Coming Soon

1. Gunold Virtual Events

Gunold has offered training classes several times a year since 2013. We look forward to opening our doors again to people interested in learning more about the commercial embroidery process.

2. Gunold Virtual Events

The plans are in the works! When you can't get away from the shop for in-person events, online is the way to go! Be sure to look in your inbox for upcoming events.

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