When To Use Cotty™ Thread In Your Embroidery Designs

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Add Texture To Your Finished Product With Cotty™ (Gunold's Cotton Thread)

Cotty™ 30 weight thread is a versatile thread adding volume, texture, and a matte finish to your embroidery designs. Now available in 3,300 yard snap bottom cones.

Top 6 Reasons To Use Cotty™ Thread For Machine Embroidery


Cotty™ thread has a matte finish which is great for most all designs, especially scenery. (sea shells, grass, wicker, etc.)


Great optics by creating natural looking stitches. Try on denim!


Vintage look is in style. Use with Felty™ for that old time fashion!


Play with the edges - either raw or frayed!


All natural, made with 100% cotton.


Available in 182 beautiful colors to match any of your needs.

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Top 3 Tips For Using Cotty™ Thread


Decrease density of design if not specifically digitized for 30 weight thread to avoid puckering and overlapping stitches.


Resistant to chlorine bleach, however, we always recommend testing.


Increase needle size to 80/12 or 90/14 for easier threading and stitching.

If you have any additional questions about Cotty™ thread contact us, we are happy to help! 1-800-432-3781

Cotty Thread Overview Video

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